Digital magazines are here!

Starting today, you don’t need to come to the library for the current issues of your favorite magazines.* They’re available in the same app you use for ebooks!

Our Overdrive collection, which you can access online or in the Libby app, now includes a selection of 50 favorite magazines. We’re starting with the current issue of each one, and future issues will be added as they’re published. Check out the collection here.

The best part is that everyone can use them at the same time. No waiting! And they don’t count as part of your 10-loan limit, so you can read all the magazines you want without it affecting your ability to check out ebooks or downloadable audiobooks.

Borrow them the same way you would a regular ebook, and read them in Overdrive or the Libby app. (Currently they cannot be sent to a Kindle or other eReader.) They can be downloaded to read offline, which is great for traveling or the beach.

New to Overdrive? Start here! If you have questions, you can stop by the Reference desk, call us at 781-316-3233, or visit our website and click on the chat box in the lower right-hand corner.

Happy reading!


*But you should still stop by to say hi. We like to see you!

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NSYA Book Group Meeting Reminder -August 20

August 20 NSYA book group flyer Being Jazz

The next NSYA group meeting will take place next Monday, August 20 at 7pm in Robbins Library’s conference room. We’ll be discussing Being Jazz: My life as a Transgender Teen by Jazz Jennings.

Copies of the next book, Every Falling Star by Sungju Lee and Susan McClelland, are on their way and will be available to pick up after the meeting.

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Next Robbins Library Book Discussion Group | Wednesday, September 5

The Robbins Library Book Discussion Group will next meet on Wednesday, September 5 at 7 pm in the Robbins Library Conference Room.

The group discusses “The Professor and the Madman” by Simon Winchester. New members are welcome. Book will be available at the Circulation Desk after August 6.

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There’s Still Time to Join the Summer Reading Challenge!

Image-1We’ve had an exciting summer here at Robbins Library and it’s all because of you! Hundreds of patrons have signed up for the Libraries Rock! summer reading challenge, completing row upon row of bingo squares and leaving amazing, heart-warming messages on our displays. If you’re one of these amazing participants, THANK  YOU! If you aren’t, you still have time (challenge ends after Labor Day)! Visit us at the reference desk and we’ll get you started 🙂

You’ll get a registration form, your first raffle ticket, and a bingo sheet. Once you’ve started completing bingo squares, you can bring your sheet over for more raffle tickets. The more you participate, the higher your chance of winning cool prizes, including:

  • $200 gift card from Ticketmaster
  • $50 gift certificate from The Book Rack
  • $100 gift certificate from Wood & Strings
  • All-day canoe rental from Foote Brothers Canoe Rentals
  • Two movie tickets to Somerville Theater
  • Two movie tickets to Capitol Theater
  • $25 iTunes gift card
  • Two tickets to MIT Museum
  • Friends of the Robbins Library Membership

For more information on how to register, click here.

Psst… if you’ve already completed your bingo sheet, ask us about the mega challenge!
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Totally Binge-Worthy TV

This month we’ve asked our librarians to recommend their favorite binge-able TV shows!

There are three shows I can binge watch without feeling any regrets – even when Netflix politely nudges me to take a break:
Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch was born to fulfill one role in life: Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, yeah, he’s pretty talented and all, but I can’t picture him as anything else but an investigator. The show writers also love cliff hangers, so it’s better to let a couple of seasons accumulate before you glue yourself to the screen.
Mindhunters: You think it’s going to be an ordinary detective show, and then BAM! you’re hooked and upset because you have to wait another year for the next season. What makes it different from other crime dramas is that it goes beyond the murder and mayhem and gives you a taste of the history behind criminal psychology.
American Horror Story: Even though every season has a new story, they’re all equally creepy and eerie. They always start off with the right amount of disturbing material and build up to an ending that will leave you speechless (or awake at night). Granted, you need to enjoy horror in order to sit down and watch this, but if you enjoy the genre, then definitely AHS was meant for you!

Stranger Things – I’m guessing this will be on many other peoples’ lists. ST is like the love child of ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind: a group of adventure-seeking kids come across a supernatural situation and have to convince adults that what they’re seeing and battling is very real and very dangerous. Extremely well acted and full of fun 80s references!

Wild Wild Country – This documentary tells the riveting story of a religious movement that overtook a small town in Oregon in the 1980s. It explores the culture clash between the newcomers and the longtime residents, as well as the legal and ethical issues that complicated life for everyone involved.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – A compulsively watchable very witty comedy about a young woman who is freed from an underground bunker (cult) and decides to start a new life in modern day New York City. Encino Man meets Mary Tyler Moore, maybe?

We usually watch TV in a pretty measured way because bedtime is sacred. That said, Jane the Virgin definitely has that “just one more episode!” quality.

I have two criteria for binging TV. It either has to have me so far off the edge of my seat in suspense I can’t entertain the idea of sleep or I’m laughing so hard at the absurdity of the story that I just HAVE to know what the next chicanery is going to be.

For serious storytelling that sucks you in and you consider calling in sick (not that I ever did):

Jessica Jones(Netflix Original) – The writing and acting are superb. The honesty in the characters gets me every time. Jessica is a mess. But the things that have made her who she is are so stressful that, as a viewer, you get it. There are viciously honest villains, too. Warning for well developed portrayals of toxic masculinity.

Claws (Hulu) – Now, I just started this show the other night. But, listen. I have a lot of feelings about the main character, Desna, portrayed by the incomparable Niecy Nash. She makes the best decisions she can in the situations she’s in to ultimately provide a better life for herself and her brother. This makes me think of Breaking Bad in a nail salon.

For something to cleanse the palate, make you laugh, and appreciate your own dysfunctions:

Chewing Gum (Netflix Original) – I have a soft spot for British humor. Whether its dry and smart or outlandishly inappropriate, I love it. Chewing Gum has both. It creates a hilarious caricature of serious social issues like female sexuality and the repressive zeal of the devoted. Sometimes it’s nice to just step back and laugh at the issues that can rile us up.

The Detour (Hulu) – I first binged this show so fast that I kicked myself for not being patient. And still, in the second season, I made the same mistake. I broke every self-imposed rule I had made to slow down and enjoy it. It’s not a story told laterally, which can disrupt viewing for some people. I think the “recap” style makes for better binging because you’re given so many questions to answer from the very start.

I’m not great at binges. I’m very low on time to watch TV, so I need my binges to fit a few very important categories: not too long, not too dark, and at least a little bit funny. I’ve had a few shows that have hit those marks recently. Catastrophe hits all of the marks, and gets extra points for being extra funny. American Vandal was a total winner for me, only 8 episodes so an achievable binge! The Good Place was such a great binge I watched it twice!

I have lost entire weekends to “Doctor Who” and I don’t regret a minute of it! Other favorites include “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (Angel was fun as well, but not quite as bingeworthy), “Leverage“, “How I Met Your Mother“, and “Steven Universe“. I started watching “Steven Universe” on the recommendation of several friends and quickly got hooked. It was supposed to be a show that I could watch between tasks, since it has such short episodes, but it is so engrossing that I often find hours have passed. Oops!

Tell us your favorite binge-able TV shows in the comments!

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Put the world on your wall

I’m thrilled to announce another new influx of art prints for our circulating art print collection. I hope there is something for everyone here, but more ideas are always welcome – feel free to contact me by leaving a comment on this post, or any of the other posts about art prints.

Now, without further ado:


Prints from Audubon’s Birds of America: Blue Jays, American Flamingo, and Snowy Owls


Kasuga Shrine, Nara by Kawase Hasui and The Suspension Bridge Between Hida and Etchu by Katsushika Hokusai


European art: View of Toledo by El Greco, Wheatfield and Mountains by Vincent Van Gogh, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters by Francisco Goya

marilynPop art: Blue Marilyn, Andy Warhol


Map: The Physical World

Come check out these new art prints and browse the rest of the collection – you might find an old favorite, or just one that’s new to you. (Remember, you can browse most of our art prints in our Flickr album as well.) From our walls to yours…

Jenny Arch is the Circulating Art Prints Coordinator for the Robbins Library.

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Steven Universe Sing-Along & Crystal Craft!

In honor of our summer reading theme, Libraries Rock, we’re bringing you an all ages event centered around everyone’s favorite singing mineral – Steven Universe! Come watch & sing along to some musical episodes of the show & create your own crystal craft to take home! (Singing along & crafting are both optional!) This event is open to children, teens, and adults! Steven Universe fans younger than 10, please bring your adult!

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QBG Does Game Night!

This month Queer Book Group/Social is hosting game night! Join us for a night of fun & games! (& good company!)  Bring your own board/card games or play ours!

Wednesday July 25th in the Robbins Library 4th Floor Conference Room @ 7PM!

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Next Not-So Young Adult Book Group (August 20)

The next NSYA group meeting will take place on Monday, August 20 at 7pm in the 4th floor’s conference room. We’ll be discussing Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen by Jazz Jennings

29633579Goodreads description: Jazz Jennings is one of the youngest and most prominent voices in the national discussion about gender identity. At the age of five, Jazz transitioned to life as a girl, with the support of her parents. A year later, her parents allowed her to share her incredible journey in her first Barbara Walters interview, aired at a time when the public was much less knowledgeable or accepting of the transgender community. This groundbreaking interview was followed over the years by other high-profile interviews, a documentary, the launch of her YouTube channel, a picture book, and her own reality TV series—I Am Jazz—making her one of the most recognizable activists for transgender teens, children, and adults.

In her remarkable memoir, Jazz reflects on these very public experiences and how they have helped shape the mainstream attitude toward the transgender community. But it hasn’t all been easy. Jazz has faced many challenges, bullying, discrimination, and rejection, yet she perseveres as she educates others about her life as a transgender teen. Through it all, her family has been beside her on this journey, standing together against those who don’t understand the true meaning of tolerance and unconditional love. Now Jazz must learn to navigate the physical, social, and emotional upheavals of adolescence—particularly high school—complicated by the unique challenges of being a transgender teen. Making the journey from girl to woman is never easy—especially when you began your life in a boy’s body.

Copies of the book are available at the front desk.

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Reminder: Join us next Monday for Camp NaNoWriMo!

Camp-2018-Writer-Profile-PhotoLooking for a quiet place to fine-tune your writing skills? Join us on July 23, 2018 from 6:00pm – 8:45pm for a productive evening set aside exclusively for you and your literary piece. Work on your latest novel (or your first poem) while relaxing in our air conditioned conference room, using one of our laptops (or your own), and enjoying the free WiFi. We want to  help YOU write!

Reminder: Don’t forget to log in to your Camp NaNoWriMo account and announce a project! Maybe someday your bestselling book will be beautifully displayed in our shelves. In the meantime, we’ll be here so you can reach your much-anticipated word count!

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