Book Groups

Interested in joining a book group? Arlington has many to choose from! All book groups currently meet virtually and all are open to new members. Scroll down below the meeting information for our book group guidelines.

In the weeks leading up to each meeting, copies of the books will be available for checkout at the circulation desk at Robbins. You can also request books through the library catalog.

Name: Guys Book Group
Meets: 7:30pm the second Thursday of each month
Leader/contact: Brad McKenna (
Group statement:  Book topics generally include sports, politics, history, crime, business, and technology. We primarily read non-fiction, but we will read some fiction as well.
Upcoming meetings: Educated by Tara Westover, on October 14

Name: Not-So-Young-Adult Book Group (NSYA) (currently on hiatus)
Leader/contact: Verónica N. Rodríguez (
Group statement:  A book group for adults in which we read young adult books.
Upcoming meetings: TBD

Name: Robbins Library Book Discussion Group
Meets: 7pm the first Monday of each month
Leader/contact: Therese Henderson (
Group statement: The longest-running of all of these book groups, this one has been meeting since January 1994. Members may recommend up to four titles per year, and the facilitator determines the final selections. This group reads a blend of fiction and nonfiction with a variety of themes. See their website for more info.
Upcoming meetings:  The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett

Name: Queer Book Group (QBG) (currently on hiatus)
Meets: 7pm, every other month, usually on the last Wednesday.  We host a social event at the same time & place in our off months.
Leader/contact: Rob Lorino (
Group statement:  Read some great LGBTQ-themed books (fiction and non-fiction), make some new friends, and expand your community!
Upcoming meetings:

Name: Cookbook Club (currently on hiatus)

Linda Dyndiuk (
Group statement: Each meeting, every participant will prepare a different recipe from the same book (copies of the book for each meeting can be checked out at the circulation desk), and we’ll all discuss while we taste! This group is open to all, but registration is limited to 20 people for each event, so be sure to register. The Cookbook Club has its own page with more information here.
Upcoming meetings: TBD

Name: Science Book Club
Meets: Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM every other month.
Leader/Contact: Nicholas Glade (, 781-316-3227)
Group Statement: Our newest book group is dedicated to reading and discussing books about science and the many different disciplines and topics it encompasses. Join us every other month to make friends and acquire new knowledge!
Upcoming meetings: On Being a Bear by Remy Marion, June 24

Book Group Guidelines
We created the following guidelines in order to conduct successful book group meetings while at the same time fostering a welcoming environment for all participants. In the event that a group member fails to follow these, the group moderator has permission to arrange a meeting with the individual and/or work with the Library Director to remove attendance privileges temporarily or permanently.

The guidelines adhere to library policies, specifically the patron conduct policy.

  1. This is a book group – we can have fun!
  2. If you didn’t finish the book, that’s ok!
  3. Please listen to everybody’s comments.
  4. Be respectful, especially when listening to or offering a different opinion.
  5. Everyone will get a chance to speak.
  6. Not everyone will like all the book choices and that’s ok!
  7. Stay on topic.
  8. Allow others to share their input by not monopolizing the conversation.
  9. Refrain from making comments that are overtly judgmental of any one group based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender, etc.
  10. Inappropriate behavior and/or language will not be tolerated.

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