Mobile checkout is here!

It’s simple to use the Minuteman Library Network app to check out books and other library materials from your phone or other device. Download the app from the Apple App Store, from Google Play or for the Kindle fire.

Open the app, click into My Account, select Mobile Checkout, use the in-app scanner to read item barcodes, and you’re ready to go!


Q: Do I need to return my items to the library, or can I pass them on to a friend to check out?

A: You must return your items. Mobile Checkout will not allow items to be checked out to another person if the items are already checked out to you.

Q: Is there anything I can’t check out with the Mobile Checkout app?

A: You can check out any of our borrow-able items with Mobile Checkout. If you check out a videogame, you will need to stop by a self-checkout station to unlock it, or ask our friendly staff at the checkout stations for assistance.

Q: I have items on hold that are ready. Can I use the Mobile Checkout app on those?

A: There’s no avoiding the checkout lines to pick up reserve items, sorry. When we fully reopen and you have access to the holds area again, it will be possible to check out items that are on hold for you.

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