Expressions you’ve known – and loved

Expressions contributed by staff members :

Marblehead lighthouse

Light dawns on Marble Head                                                                                                               An expression with plenty of local color  – translates to the aha moment.





Do your best and G-d will do the rest.





Russian sayings – plus transliterations  and  translations.

The less you know the better you sleep                                                                                   Men’she znaesh, luchshe spish   

In every joke there is a grain of truth                                                                                                     V’kazhdoi shutke est’dolja pravdi                                                                                        

Russian porridge  


And speaking of grains…

You cannot spoil porridge with butter           Kashu maslom ne isportish                   No such thing as too much of a good thing.

Russian porridge is a food/a meal  and yes, it is pretty bland. The cereal, or rather grains are cooked  in water or milk with some salt. The grain can be rice, oats, millet, semolina, etc and  after its cooked you add butter for taste/flavor.     – Nina R.


Goin’ down the shaw                                                                                                                                Jersey-speak for going to the beach














                                Lord love a duck!                                                                                                                                     Translation :   omg





Yiddish words and expressions :

kvetch   – To complain, whine

the whole mishpocheh  –   One’s whole family

plotz   –   to collapse from exhaustion or laughter










Bless us and save us said Mrs. O’Davis                                                                                       (spoken with an Irish brogue)


Off the derech

Off the derech, from the Hebrew word דֶּרֶךְ‎ derech, is an expression used to describe someone who leaves an Orthodox Jewish community. The term applies to a broad range of ex-Orthodox Jews, including those who leave Hasidic communities, ultra-Orthodox or Haredi communities, and Modern Orthodox communities.     – from Wikipedia








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