Low(er) Cost Internet Access Options

Many of us are currently limiting our time out & about and therefore not utilizing free internet access throughout the community. Instead, we are relying on internet access at home more frequently. Here are some resources to help you find discounted options.

If you currently have internet service, contact your provider or check their website to see if there are lower priced options or specials that are less expensive compared to what you current have. These are constantly changing and worth looking into. If you have the option, consider changing services or asking your provider to match another provider’s current new customer option.

The following are discounted programs for families and other low-income households.

Lifeline Program Discounted Internet Access Application
Lifeline is a government benefit program that provides a monthly discount on one communications service from a certified Lifeline service provider. Find out more about this service and the qualifications to utilize it at the link above.

Internet Essentials from Comcast
Internet Essentials is a program for families and other low-income households who currently do not subscribe to Internet at home.

InternetFirst from RCN
The Internet First program is affordable Internet designed to help families and students in low-income households have reliable access to the internet. Fast internet for home schooling, homework, accessing educational resources, and more.

Lifeline Discount Program from Verizon
Verizon is offering the 100% fiber-optic network for less to those who qualify.


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