The Big (library materials) Return!

The Big Return--Without Blog Post Ref (1)

Thank you for your taking good care of your library materials all this time! We are hosting an outdoor returns event on Saturday, June 20 for the community, with safety measures in place for staff and participants. Books and A/V materials from any Minuteman library will be accepted. The Robbins Library facility will remain closed to the public during and after this event.

Date: Saturday, June 20, rain or shine
Time: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Location: Robbins Library, 700 Mass Ave.

How to participate: 

  • You are welcome to arrive in your vehicle or on foot. We encourage walk-ins to reduce traffic congestion on Mass Ave. The key to this event’s success is keeping the line socially distanced and moving, which shouldn’t be difficult since it only takes a few seconds to drop items in a bin. Staff will replace the bins as they fill. Please wear a mask at all times.
      • If you walk: the line will form around the block on Mass Ave, and we ask that you socially distance as the line moves. 
      • If you drive: please park on Mass Ave. and walk in, or pull in front of the steps and hop out to return your items to the bins. Do not linger–traffic will need to keep moving. 
      • Return bins will be underneath tents on the sidewalk in front of Robbins. Library staff will be on hand to show you what to do. 
  • There will be four bins for returns: 
      • Books from ANY Minuteman Library
      • Media (CDs, DVDs, Playaways) from ANY Minuteman Library
      • Large items (American Girl dolls, Art Prints, etc.) borrowed from Robbins
      • Arlington Public School library books (no textbooks)

What if I can’t make it on June 20th? We are reopening the book drops after this event for the return of books and media. If you have non-traditional library materials to return, like American Girl dolls or art prints, call the Robbins Library at 781-316-3200 to arrange a drop off time. Please do not leave items outside near the book drops, and please do not return Arlington Public Schools materials. Donations are not being accepted at this time.

Why not reopen the book drops at Fox? Safety is our priority. In order to maintain the State-mandated safety and hygiene protocols, the Fox Library facility and book drops will remain closed.

We hope to see you on June 20 for The Big Return!


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4 Responses to The Big (library materials) Return!

  1. Em Steph says:

    What about non-Minuteman items borrowed via ComCat? Should they be returned on the 20th?

  2. E G says:

    What if items are returned after June 20 (so there isn’t a line)? will they be overdue? any reason to not do it later?

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