Contemporary Films & TV

This month we asked our librarians to share some of their favorite TV & movies that have come out in the past decade!  Here are their answers:

Fleabag: There’s this scene where the main character (Fleabag) is on a train and all of a sudden AWOL starts playing and she’s daydreaming that people around her are grimacing to the beat of “Sail.” I think that’s when I got hooked to the show. The rest was just great writing and my lure to Fleabag’s existential crisis.

Killing Eve: Probably the only show that kept me sane during social distancing. The cat-and-mouse chase between these two women, one a psychopath and one who may or may not identify with said psychopath, kept me hitting the play button.

American Horror Story: I’ve loved all the AHS seasons, although I’m partial to Coven because of the characters and the fashion.

Key & Peele: I can watch and rewatch this show and giggle for hours.

Broad City: A funny buddy comedy. Makes you want to make friends (or maybe not).

Watchmen: If you haven’t watched this show, do it. It’s so carefully put together, it will blow your mind.

Bob’s Burgers: Probably my favorite animated comedy.

Hannibal: I watched this show simply for how beautiful the visuals are.

Call the Midwife is such a comfort watch for me. I love anything historical, but these characters are especially wonderful with their different personalities and their shared sense of community. They are there to help and are so dedicated and empathetic.

The Great British Baking Show is the only reality show I’ll watch. I love that it’s a competition but everybody is friendly and supportive of one another. Plus, I love baked goods.

Schitt’s Creek has gotten me through the first several weeks of being closed and I’m very sad that I’ve run out of episodes. It’s hilarious and I love all the characters!

Another comedy I loved is the new version of One Day At a Time which is fun and hilarious and has made me extremely happy.

I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I love Pitch Perfect and its follow-ups. They can make as many as they want and my friends and I will be at the movie theater to see them. They’re just super fun and always have good music!

A couple of recent animated films I loved were Inside Out (what a great way to think about emotions!) and Zootopia which was about animals, but so much more than animals, and is worth watching for the sloth DMV employee alone.

Orange Is the New Black

Jane the Virgin

Better Things

The Good Place


What We Do in the Shadows

Nora from Queens



Bojack Horseman


Tigers are not Afraid






Perks of Being a Wallflower – I was sooooo worried when I heard the movie was being made as the book is life-changing. I should have trusted Stephen Chbosky more…it was razor sharp and close to perfection.

Selma – I would follow Ava DuVernay to the ends of the earth.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – ok, it’s just plain FUN and funny!!


Games of Thrones

Parks and Rec

Black Mirror

RuPaul’s Drag Race

30 Rock


The Great British Baking Show

Broad City



Sorry to Bother You


Mad Max Fury Road


Uncut Gems

Frances Ha


The Book Thief

Downton Abbey (movie and tv series)

Kite Runner


Lady Bird

I Know a Man…Ashley Bryan
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Wild Nights with Emily
Indian Horse


1.       Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

2.       Downton Abbey

3.      The Great British Baking Show

4.       Mad Men

5.       Nurse Jackie

6.       One Day At a Time

7.       Mom

8.       Pose

9.       RuPaul’s Drag Race

10.   Schitt’s Creek

11.   Ugly Betty



1.       American Hustle

2.       Blue Jasmine

3.       Bridesmaids

4.       Can You Ever Forgive Me?

5.       Carol

6.       The Favourite

7.       Get Out

8.       I, Tonya

9.       Magic in the Moonlight

10.   Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

11.   The Wife



In A World

Man Up

Late Night


TV Series

Silicon Valley

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Great British Baking Show

The Durrells in Corfu



Steven Universe

Adventure Time

Killing Eve

Star vs the Forces of Evil


Sailor Moon Crystal


The Handmaiden

Portrait of a Lady on Fire


The VVitch


Get Out


What are your favorite contemporary movies & TV shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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