Robbins Library Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Add a subheadingWe’ve created a virtual scavenger hunt involving our website’s resources and tools to help you practice responsible & safe social distancing while our physical locations remain closed.

If you finish everything in the virtual scavenger hunt, email us at with your answers (all in one email, please) to be entered for a prize! We’ll buy the winner a gift card to the Arlington restaurant of their choice.
Last day to participate: May 31st.

Have fun!

  1. Find our Reader Preference Form and submit it.
  2. Find where on our website you can look at old yearbooks. Copy and paste the URL in your email to us.
  3. Find where on our website you can learn how to speak Bengali and access the resource. Tell us the name of the resource.
  4. Use Novelist to find a historical fiction novel that takes place outside of Europe before the 1900s. Tell us the title and author.
  5. Browse through our databases to find the resource that would allow you to find a Boston Globe article about the 1985 Boston Marathon. Read the article. Tell us the title and author of the article.
  6. Get Remote Access to NYTimes and read today’s issue. Tell us the date you accessed it and the title of one of the articles that you read.
  7. Sign up for our e-newsletter for updates. Let us know that you’ve done so.
  8. Find the tool you’d use to find the highest-rated vacuum available for purchase. Tell us the resource.
  9. Go to our events section and count our virtual events for the month of May. Tell us how many you found.
  10. Find a recipe for gazpacho using this often overlooked resource.Tell us the name of that resource.

If you get stumped, it’s ok to ask a librarian for help! You can email us at for a hint or help with access.

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