Auschwitz – 75th Anniversary of the liberation – A Library display


A display of books, films and visuals, to learn more about the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the Holocaust in general.


Entrance to Auschwitz
Arbeit macht frei = Work makes you free.


On January 27, 1945 all prisoners left behind at Auschwitz were liberated by the 1st Ukrainian Front of the Red Army.

Approximately 6 million Jews perished in the Holocaust

A children’s book about the Holocaust




Excerpt from Benno and the Night of Broken Glass









Anne Frank the diary of a young girlAuschwitz not long ago  Not far away

Benno and the night of broken glass

I never saw another butterfly :Children’s drawings and poems from Terezin Concentration Camp

Maus I :A survivor’s tale

Maus II A Survivor’s Tale And here my troubles began

Mein Kampf by Hitler


Anne Frank remembered

Bag of marbles

The Boy in the striped pajamas

Europa Europa by Agnieszka Holland

Night and fog by Alain Resnais

Shtetl by Marian Marzynski

Shoah by Claude Lanzmann

Triumph of the will by Leni Riefenstal


a yellow Star of David Jews were required to wear during the Holocaust


Seen at the Auschwitz Not So Long Ago Not So Far Away Exhibit in New York City 2/20


This Library display will run throughout the month of February.





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