Wayfarer Film Series Presents: Travellers & Magicians (Thursday, November 14)

Thursday, November 14
2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Robbins Library Community Room

fullTravel the world and experience international cinema with the Wayfarer Film Series at Robbins Library! Catch a glimpse from beyond the continent, snack on fresh popcorn from our new popcorn machine, and enjoy a variety of films you might have missed at your local theater.

“Two men embark on parallel, if separate, journeys. Their yearning is a common one–for a better and different life. Dondup, delayed by the timeless pace of his village, is forced to hitchhike through the beautiful wild countryside of Bhutan to reach his goal. He shares the road with a monk, an apple seller, a papermaker and his beautiful young daughter, Sonam. Throughout the journey, the perceptive yet mischievous monk relates the story of Tashi. It is a mystical fable of lust, jealousy, and murder, that holds up a mirror to the restless Dondup, and his blossoming attraction to the innocent Sonam. The cataclysmic conclusion of the monk’s tale leaves Dondup with a dilemma–is the grass truly greener on the other side?” (IMDB)

The film is in Dzongkha with English subtitles, unrated, and with a runtime of 108 minutes. For additional information contact Verónica at vrodriguez@minlib.net or 781-316-3220.

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