Read, and the world unfolds…

the world unfolds now
thousands of wonderful dreams
…you opened a book


Jon Muth’s Zen poster for ALA

Since 1980, the American Library Association has been creating its iconic READ posters, featuring authors, celebrities, and illustrators’ work. We’ve just added five of these new posters to our circulating art print collection for you to check out and hang on your own walls (or the walls of your classroom, if you’re a teacher)!

Our new acquisitions include art by Jon Muth (Hi, Koo!), Brian Selznick (Harry Potter), Raina Telgemeier (Smile), DC Comics (Supergirl), and John Rocco (Magnus Chase). You can see most of the art prints available to borrow in our Flickr album, and reserve specific prints through the library catalog.

The best way to decide which print(s) to bring home, though, is to visit in person! Art prints can be found in the large bins on the second floor of the library near the administrative offices, as well as on the walls of the main stairwell and in the fourth floor rotunda.

–> When carrying art prints to the desk to check out, please use both hands, with one on each side of the frame (e.g. both sides or top and bottom). At checkout, you will get a sturdy canvas carrying bag with handles. This helps protect the frames and makes them last longer. Thank you!

Jenny Arch is the Circulating Art Prints Collection Coordinator.

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