Next Not-So-Young Adult Book Group

The next meeting of the NSYA Book Group will be on Wednesday, May 16 at 7pm in the 4th floor conference room. We’ll be discussing The Girl is Murder by Kathryn Miller Haines. Here’s a descriptions from Goodreads:

“It’s the Fall of 1942 and Iris’s world is rapidly changing. Her Pop is back from the war with a missing leg, limiting his ability to do the physically grueling part of his detective work. Iris is dying to help, especially when she discovers that one of Pop’s cases involves a boy at her school. Now, instead of sitting at home watching Deanna Durbin movies, Iris is sneaking out of the house, double crossing her friends, and dancing at the Savoy till all hours of the night. There’s certainly never a dull moment in the private eye business.”

Copies of the book are available now at the front desk. If you like audiobooks, the audio version of this one is great –  if you want to try it, stop by the reference desk and have us order a copy for you!

In addition to our book discussion, there are two exciting things happening at this meeting. One, we’ll be voting on future books which is always a lot of fun. Leave a comment if you want to suggest a title! Two, you’ll get to meet Verónica, who will be the new host for this group starting in June. The group will also be moving back to Monday nights – remember back at the beginning when it was on Mondays? This change will likely be inconvenient for some people, but hopefully it will also mean that those who haven’t been able to make it on Wednesdays will be able to rejoin. Here’s to an exciting future for the group! See you in May!

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