Change your view point! Arlington in historical photos

You are all by now probably familiar with the Digital Commonwealth repository where our digitized historical photos and postcards currently live.  Other historical material has been digitized, and we continue to add to this online historical trove.  A list of all our digitized items can be found here:

If this is all new to you,  here’s a tiny sampling of Robbins’ digitized  collection of historic photos and postcards.  These images were chosen for no apparent reason other than to spring us out of a winter mindset and  fast forward to Summer or maybe even Spring.

If you are interested in leaving comments or descriptive text or even captions on any of the images  feel free to do so.  These will be captured for possibly adding to the collections’ metadata at some point in the future.

Your input is appreciated and can be left at the end of this  posting.



Arlington Center in winter


Arlington Woods in the winter








Spring  (or Summer) images

Arlington Heights -Spy Pond -Arlington Center in distance



Cabbies – Arlington Center

Buttrick’s ice cream store




1530 Massachusetts Ave.












Other miscellaneous photos & postcards from collection

Crescent Hill Ave under construction




Family picture














Arlington & Boston from Mount Gilboa



















Happy Spring!

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