Black History Month Booklists

Because reading books by black authors & with black characters is important all year round, for our last blog post of Black History Month we’ve got a bunch of booklists for all your reading needs!

Boston Public Library has been putting together lists for Black History Month since 1993.  Check out this year’s (or some of their older lists) here:





Goodreads has a shelf for books users have tagged as good BHM reads here:





Looking for newer books, specifically? Edelweiss has a list of books published in the past 2 years here:





Penguin Random House features some of their offerings for BHM on their website:





Want to get hyped for books coming out later this year or books that just came out?  This list features work by women of color broadly, but there are a lot of great looking books by black women featured.





And this list features just black authors of any gender:





Prefer graphic novels?  Check out Library Journal’s list:





EpicReads has teen books covered here:





School Library Journal has put together a list of middle grade & children’s books:





Last but not least, BookRiot lays out 25 great children’s books:


Happy Black History Month!

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