November readalike: Smitten Kitchen Every Day

New readalike logo: If you liked this book...why not try a readalike?In nearly a year of readalike posts, we’ve found readalikes for adult fiction and nonfiction, YA fiction, memoir, politics, mystery, and short stories. Now, at last, we have our first cookbook: Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen Every Day: triumphant and unfussy new favorites. If you’re one of the many waiting for a library copy, here are a few other books, blogs, and magazines to try in the meantime…

Revisit The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (2012) or the Smitten Kitchen blog for more recipes, stories, and inspiration. Food blogs like Smitten Kitchen are one of the few places on the Internet where reading the comments on each post won’t send you into a downward spiral of despair; instead, you’ll find useful substitutions, clever shortcuts, and inspired additions. Thank you, Deb & the SK community!

For more food blogs, delve into Deb’s own extensive list of food sites, including…

In addition to all these blogs and books, check out cookbook recommendations from Robbins Library staff, collected by Rob this past summer: “Now You’re Cookin’!” Whether you’re new to the kitchen or have years of experience, whether you prefer to cook or bake, there’s something for everyone! Remember – if you can read, you can cook.

What’s your favorite cookbook or food blog?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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