Pledge to be prepared

In Case of Emergency display

One of our displays this month is on the topic of emergency preparedness. We have a copy of an adult first aid/CPR booklet from the American Red Cross, which is available for free online. We have four checklists that you can take and use to put together your own emergency kit:

  • Basic emergency kit
  • Additional items for your emergency kit
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Emergency kit for your pet(s)

And we challenge you to make this the month that you put together your own emergency preparedness kit and plan! We’re adding a clipboard to the table, so you can write down the actions you’ve taken for your household in this area. For example, have you…

  • Prepared an emergency plan with family, friends, or neighbors?
  • Prepared an emergency kit for your home (and/or workplace or car)?
  • Memorized important numbers, or programmed an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number into your phone?
  • Put a sign in your window to tell rescue workers about the pets in your home?

As a community, let’s be prepared – for ourselves and each other.

Read the previous blog post about emergency preparedness.

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