Readers’ advisory: Connecting readers with books

“Readers’ advisory” is a term that no one out outside of the library profession probably uses. Most of us don’t really like it either – it kind of sounds like we’re warning people away from books, when in fact it’s the opposite; we’re giving advice based on readers’ individual preferences to help connect people with books we think they’ll love. But we have yet to come up with a replacement term, so “readers’ advisory” it is. (Please, if you have a better idea, leave a comment!)

NYPL What would you like to read?


While the name might be uninspired, the different approaches can be wildly creative. Here are a few methods of readers’ advisory we’ve found other libraries or bookish websites offering:

As you may have gathered by now, most librarians are book lovers and we really, really enjoy helping people find books they will love. However, we can’t help you with the next problem…too many books, too little time!


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