Browse the Robbins Library Art Print Collection online

Our new Library of Things has proved popular, from the spiralizer to Settlers of Catan (original Library of Things blog post | update with new items added). But we’ve been lending “things” for a long time – namely, art prints! Most of the framed art you see around the library is part of our art print collection. You can take it right off the wall, check it out at the front desk, and try it out on your walls at home.

A Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honore Fragonard

A Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honore Fragonard

Until now, the only way to see which art prints we had was to come into the library and flip through the binders on the second floor, or wander through the stairwell (where many of the art prints hang) or look through the bins on the second floor (where the rest of them reside). You can also look up “art prints” in the library catalog and see a list of the prints (artist/title), but there are no visual images of the art prints in the catalog.

Now, however, we have created an online visual gallery of our art print collection on our Flickr page! This album includes images of nearly all of the 250+ art prints patrons are able to check out from the Robbins Library. Browse online, then come in person to pick out your art! Art prints have a six-week checkout period, and you can check out two at a time.

Flickr album header: Robbins Library Art Print Collection

Each image in the album is named by artist and title, so the album is arranged alphabetically by the artist’s last name, from Ansel Adams to Andrew Wyeth. There are many prints of photographs and paintings, including Impressionists like Monet and Renoir and more modern artists like Pollock and Rothko, but there are also movie posters (Casablanca, Singin’ in the Rain, La Dolce Vita), local artists’ work, and other miscellaneous prints. In other words, something for everyone!

This online visual gallery includes most, but not all, of the art prints available, so if you’re interested in browsing the complete collection, be sure to check out the art print binders on the second floor, and wander around the library when you’re here – most art prints are in the bins on the second floor, hanging in the main stairwell, or around the fourth floor rotunda. (Some of the images online may be low-resolution, but rest assured the art prints themselves are crystal clear.)

Enjoy browsing our new online gallery, and come check out a print (or two) soon!

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