Buzz… Buzz… New Bees at Robbins!

Our Friends at Best Bees paid us a visit yesterday and restocked our hives. Our colonies did not make it through the winter, due to varroa mites. This is a common mite that weakens the immune system of bees, making winter survival difficult. Poor bees.

Best Bees cleaned out both hives, sanitized them, and readied them for a May restocking. We watched them repopulate the hives with new bees yesterday, and took some pictures and videos to share with you.

We also have two new queen bees, and invite suggestions for names. Leave a suggestion in the comments, and stay tuned for a poll to vote on a name.

These bees were raised in Georgia, and will now live at the Robbins Library. Welcome to New England!


The beekeepers provide some food for the bees.

Time to repopulate the hives! The beekeepers shook the bees out of their containers onto the top of the hives. The queen bees were installed first, as they reside in their own container.

Welcome to your new home, bees! We hope you enjoy it here.

The beekeepers closing up the hives and securing them.

If you visit the bees, located on the third floor balcony, you may notice some dead bees on the ground. Don’t be alarmed. This is normal and a sign that the bees are settling into their new home. These bees may be have died in the package on the way up from Georgia, and were dragged out by other bees. Honeybees like to keep their hive very tidy.


And don’t forget to suggest a new name for the queen bees!!



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3 Responses to Buzz… Buzz… New Bees at Robbins!

  1. Nate & Ken says:

    We’re moving to Arlington in July so I asked my 7 year old what our new library should name their queen and he said “why not name her Victoria”. It’s the city we’re moving from AND I hear it’s a pretty royal name.

  2. A queen bee? From Georgia? With literary connections? “Scarlett O’Hara” seems quite fitting!

  3. Annie LaCourt says:

    Isabella and Jeanette

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