Ever wonder about that yellow mansion behind the Library?

historical postcard of Whittemore-Robbins House

Come to the upcoming Library program:

          Glimpses of Family Life:                        The Whittemore-Robbins House                                   1800 – 1931

Did you know this home belonged to William Whittemore before it briefly became a girl’s school, and later became the home of Nathan & Eliza Robbins?  Built at the tail end of the 1700s it has been a focal point in Arlington Center for the past 217 years.  Do you think it was always yellow?

The Robbins granddaughters and philanthropists, Ida, Caira, and Eliza donated their family’s home to the town in 1931.

This  fascinating historical/architectural  tour led by historians, Ed Gordon,  and Doreen Stevens,  will begin at Robbins Library in the Community Room and will end at the Whittemore-Robbins House.  You will discover many of the secrets hidden there.

MAY 13

 2 – 4 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Free program                                                                                                 Space limited – Registration required                                            Register at:                                                                  https://whittemore.eventbrite.com


Questions?  Contact Ellen  arlhist@minlib.net or 781-316-3218



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