National Library Week 2017: Wrap-up

Comment basket for National Library Week

National Library Week comment basket

Here’s what Robbins Library visitors had to say about the library during National Library Week. In your own words…

“My library is a safe haven.”

“My library has always represented a safe welcoming space where questions are always welcome – Thank you!”

“I love my library because it brightens our lives!”

“The library is a place of peace, inspiration and a lifeline. I love my library starting since elementary in Sudbury!”

“Books are like life for me.”

“Greatest community resource! Amazing trust of citizens.”

“I love my library because it is my literary heartbeat; I cannot imagine life without it.”

“My library is my happy place. I used to ‘collect’ libraries in every town I visited.”

“It means a lot to me. I love to come here and just sit and read or take [books] home to read them.”

“It is a wonderful library, well stocked, and the librarians are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and pleasant. They always have a smile welcoming you! Keep it alive and working!”

“I love my library because it connects us to what matters in our local, national, and global communities.”

“My favorite government institution – one of the best ideas Ben Franklin ever had – you go there – and pick a book and take it home – for free! And then return [it] so others may share. What a concept! Thank you.”

“My library is a beautiful place to go to, to be quiet, to get awesome books on CDs for my long commute. I love my library!! Thank you!”

“I love my library because everyone is so wonderful – Helpful in every way. My life revolves around reading (sometimes a book a day). Thank you for all you do.”

“Libraries are our key to whatever world we want to visit.”

These are only about half of the wonderful, heartfelt comments people wrote during National Library Week. Many of you expressed your appreciation for access to resources (books, music, movies), helpful staff, and a safe, quiet space.

Thank you for your comments – we look forward to continuing to provide our highest level of service to the Arlington community!

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