Sometimes books don’t come back to the library before their due date.  We get it – life happens!  In most cases overdue books are safely back on our shelves within a few days.  But every so often that’s not the case.  Take these two books that were recently returned:

You read that right!  These books have been checked out for 18 years!  So long in fact, that their records have disappeared from our system.  We want to extend our thanks to the patron who got these back to us.  It’s a great reminder that it’s never too late to return your library books!

You might think 18 years is a long time to keep a library book, but libraries across the world have seen books returned decades, and even centuries, late!  President George Washington is among those that forgot to return a library book… For 221 years!

Even in fiction we see overdue library books making their way home.  The video game Fallout 4 imagines a post-apocalyptic Boston in the year 2287.   One of the side quests you can complete in the game involves returning books that are 210+ years overdue to the Boston Public Library.

Do you have some overdue library books lying around?  Bring them in!  We promise not to judge you!

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