…Like a complete unknown – Bob Dylan snags 2016 Nobel Prize for literature



Bob Dylan born Robert Allen Zimmerman

Bob Dylan born Robert Allen Zimmerman


Unlike other literary awards such as the Man Booker Prize or the National Book Award, to name just a few, the Nobel Prize in literature recognizes an author’s entire body of work –  rather than a single work.

Per Wikipedia…

Official website of the Nobel Prize

BOOKS                                                                                                           dylancd

Bob Dylan all the songs: the story behind every track

Bob Dylan: American troubadour

Bob Dylan: prophet, mystic, poet

Highway 61 revisited: Bob Dylan’s road from Minnesota to the world

No direction home: the life and music of Bob Dylan

Revolution in the air: the songs of Bob Dylan, 1957 – 1973


Bob Dylan writings 1968 – 2010

Chronicles                                                         bobdylanLyrics since 1962

Song and dance man: the art of Bob Dylan

Tarantula: poems

Writings and drawings

MUSIC CDs                                                                                         dylan-cd

Best of the cutting edge: 1965 – 1966

I’m not there: original soundtrack

Shadows in the night

Tell tale signs: rare and unreleased, 1989 – 2006


Bob Dylan the 30th anniversary concert celebration

Bob Dylan the unauthorized documentaries


                                                  About Bob Dylan  from Wikipedia


        Hope to see you at the Bob Dylan display currently at Robbins Library.

















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