Let’s Get Schooled

With back to school season rapidly approaching, the librarians here at the Robbins Library sound off on which fictional school they’d most like to attend!

AndreaWilliam McKinley High is easily the perfect fictional high school for me. At first I was thinking of McKinley because of Glee, the show that depicts high school as a four-year rollicking a cappella performance. Not that I could match their pipes, more because I love a cappella. McKinley also turns out to be the fictional high school in two more of my all-time favorite shows: Freaks and Geeks and The Wonder Years. What are the chances?

AimeeXavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters sounds pretty awesome. Somehow that seems like it would be like a high-tech Hogwarts without having to worry about Voldemort.  Death Eaters attacking the school is just too terrifying to me. I know that only happens a few times in Hogwarts history, but that is enough for me.

RobI’m going to have to say Gekkoukan High School from Persona 3 for the PS2/PSP!   The school seems pretty standard (I mean, aside from the fact that it transforms into the monster filled tower, Tartarus, at midnight…) but I’d really love to hang out with the main characters!  They’re really well written and seem like they’d be a blast to spend time with.  Getting to see my Persona, an entity you can summon from your mind to defend you from aforementioned monsters, would be pretty awesome too!

After graduating from Gekkoukan High, I’d go on to Brakebills, from Lev Grossman’s The Magicians series (now a TV series too!) for college.  What I like about Brakebills is that it seems exactly like what a magical college would be if they actually existed in our world. It makes magic into a kind of science to be studied and understood.  Things are dangerous, but much in the same way that things are dangerous in the real world.  Mess with something you don’t understand and you could end up dead.  (Heck, mess with something you *do* think you understand and you might end up dead.)  Add to that magical field trips & the Neitherlands, a magical world filled with fountains that take you to *other* magical worlds, and I’m sold!

JennyOf course Hogwarts (Harry Potter) comes to mind first, and Brakebills (The Magicians) is tempting, but my choice would be the Watford School from Rainbow Rowell’s novel Carry On. I love the way that magic works in Rowell’s world: it’s all based on words, and the words that have more cultural weight – nursery rhymes, Shakespeare, Prince songs – make more powerful magic spells.

MauraIf you asked 5th grader me, I’d say Sweet Valley High, because it seemed so glamorous at that age. The much older me would like to matriculate at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy as featured in Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. Who wouldn’t want to learn a new magic skill?

Wish you were attending a fictional school this fall?  Tell us which one in the comments!

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