August 7th is Psychic Day

To celebrate Psychic Day with one of these books or movies, click on a cover to request it!

Psychic powers in children’s books

whisperingskull  gilda_joyce_cover   Matilda

Adult fiction with psychic themes

perfectwitness   sisterland    paperdolls2

Non-fiction about psychics

wearetheirheaven  reluctant

Television shows featuring psychic characters

Charmed_DVD_S1 medium-saison-1

Young adult fiction about psychic powers

graceling  Fire_cover    The-Raven-Boysdarkvisions   diviners

Movies with psychic themes

in-your-eyes  sixthsense   LucyMoviePoster   free-movie-film-poster-push      themenwhostareatgoats_poster     midnight-special-poster    Carrie-1976-movie-poster   carrie_ver6   firestarter


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