Calling all coders!

Girls-Who-Code-Facebook-LogoThe Robbins Library is launching a Girls Who Code club this fall, and we’re still looking for volunteer instructors!

Girls Who Code is a national non-profit that seeks to encourage girls to enter technology professions. Our local club will meet weekly from October-June, on Wednesdays after school.

Here’s what we’re looking for in our instructors:

  • Knowledge of programming fundamentals, such as loops, conditionals, and functions
  • Availability 3-4 hours a week during the school year
  • Experience working with middle school or high school students
  • A passion for the Girls Who Code mission
  • You do not need a computer science degree, nor do you need to be a woman to be a Girls Who Code instructor.

To apply:

Please send your resume and a letter of introduction to avillet at minlib dot net.

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2 Responses to Calling all coders!

  1. Ed Koenig says:

    What time of day or evening?

  2. linda says:

    It’s going to run from 3:30-5:30 (plus setup and cleanup.)

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