RIP Lois Duncan

strangerProlific author Lois Duncan died yesterday at the age of 82. She wrote many books for children, but those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s may remember her most for her suspenseful novels featuring teenagers. Some have been made into movies, most notably I Know What You Did Last Summer which was released in 1997, bringing her work – at least one version of it- to a new generation of young people. Other titles you may remember include Stranger With My Face, Killing Mr. Griffin, and Summer of Fear.

summer of fearIn 1989, Duncan’s daughter was murdered in what police concluded was a random drive-by shooting. Duncan never believed that was the case, and wrote a book about the crime called Who Killed My Daughter? She always hoped to one day be able to write a sequel that answered that question.

Many of Duncan’s books are available at the Robbins Library or elsewhere in the Minuteman network. The links above go directly to the catalog records. If you haven’t read her books in the last few decades maybe it’s time to revisit one of these teen classics. If you’ve never read Lois Duncan, it’s never too late to start – check one out today!

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