You CAN take it with you: audiobooks for family road trips

Cover image of On the Road by Jack Kerouac

On the Road…not actually recommended for a family road trip

Road trips: whether you think they’re a grand adventure, boring and uncomfortable, or simply the most efficient way to get from point A to point B, one thing is almost certain: you’re going to hit some traffic. (Especially if you are going through Connecticut. For such a small state it sure does take a long time to drive through, doesn’t it?)

No matter your perspective (road trips are the best! road trips are the worst!), the library is here to help you out. What better way to pass the time than an audiobook for the road? Now, if you’re the only one in the car, choosing a book is pretty easy…but what if there are others along for the ride? With this question in mind, your helpful librarians have compiled a list of audiobooks that will entertain all ages.

For kids & up:

For teens & up:

The links above take you to the audio CDs in the library catalog. Digital audiobooks are also available through Overdrive and hoopla – check ’em out!

See more book lists for kids and teens and find recommendations for adults on our children’s site, teen blog, and adult blog, respectively. Do you have an audiobook you would recommend for a family road trip? Leave a comment! June is audiobook month, so your suggestions could make it into another blog post about great books to listen to.


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