Legendary Locals of Arlington

Last night, we hosted Barbara Goodman and Marjorie Howard in our newly renovated community room. They were here to promote their new book , Legendary Locals of Arlington.

Public servants, entrepreneurs, actors and scientists. These are just a few of the legendary locals who made Arlington a great town. Barbara and Marjorie used a playful pop quiz format to introduce the audience to 10 locals who made a significant impact on the community, or once called Arlington home. It may be old news to Arlingtonians, but I was excited to learn that Tom and Ray Magliozzi (of Car Talk fame) have called Arlington home. We learned about Mildred Dresselhaus and Gwen Hooper, woman blazing their own trails, and inventors George Franklin Grant and Bob Frankston.

We had the great fortune of have 4 Legendary Locals in the audience, who shared their own stories. Here are the authors with Kay Donovan, Glenn Koenig, Bob Frankston and Ann Smith (wife to Dick Smith).


Bob Frankston arrived just as his slide was being shown to the audience! Here he is pointing to where VisiCalc was invented, the first electronic spreadsheet.

photo 1 (1)


Thank you Barbara and Marjorie for visiting us at Robbins Library. Check out their website for more details about the book and future book events.

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