Wild – A New Year’s list of recommended books (and movies)

During the month of November you may have noticed a WILD display on the Little Table at Robbins.


WILD  has since been dismantled,  but due to a recent request for a WILD booklist – the following  are many of the items that were on display that month.

Grizzly Man  [videorecording]

Into the wild   by Jon Krakauer

Into thin air: a personal account of the Mt. Everest disaster  by Jon Krakauer

Wild: from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail   by Cheryl Strayed

Last season   by Eric Blehm

Treasure of the Sierra Madre [videorecording]

H is for hawk  by Helen MacDonald

a goshawk

a goshawk

The goshawk  by T. H. White

Falconry  by Humphrey Ap Evans

The AMC guide to winter hiking and camping: everything you need to plan your next cold-weather adventure  by Vemaya Maurer

Winter camping handbook: wilderness travel and adventure in the cold weather months   by  Stephan Gorman

Wilderness skiing and winter camping  by Chris Townsend

Following Atticus: forty-eight high peaks, one little dog, and an extraordinary friendship     by Tom RyanAtticusWild

High huts of the White Mountains: nature walks, natural history, and day hikes around the AMC’s mountain hostels   by William E. Reifsnyder

Appalachian trail guide to Massachusetts, Connecticut with Northern Berkshires trails 

a portion of the Appalachian trail in Western Massachusetts

a portion of the Appalachian trail in Western Massachusetts


A walk in the Woods: rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail   by Bill Bryson

The Appalachian Trail food planner: recipes and menus for a 2,000 mile hike  by Lou Adsmond

Murder on the Appalachian Trail: a novel  by Jess Car



Eight below [videorecording]


A history of dog sledding in New England  by Bruce D. Heald          DogSleddingWild

We took to the woods  by Louise Dickinson Rich

My neck of the woods  by Louise Dickinson Rich

Frozen in time, an epic story of survival, and a modern quest for the lost heroes of World War II   by Mitchell  Zuckoff

In the kingdom of ice: the grand and terrible polar voyage of the USS Jeanette                        by Hampton Sides

The man who ate his boots: the tragic history of the search for the Northwest Passage  by Anthony Brandt

Antarctica: an intimate portrait of he world’s most mysterious continent                               by Gabrielle Walker



Alone on the ice: the greatest survival story in the history of  exploration   by David Roberts


Alone in Antarctica: the first woman to ski solo across the southern ice                                 by Felicity Aston

Polar dream: heroic saga of the first solo journey by a woman and her dog to the Pole            by Helen Thayer

Balto  [videorecording]           BaltoWild


Wild: stories of survival from the world’s most dangerous places  edited by Clint Willis

Eiger dreams: ventures among men and mountains  by Jon Krakauer

Quabbin: the accidental wilderness   by Thomas Conuel


And,  for wilderness closer to home   –  a local hiking map

a map of Middlesex Fells

a map of Middlesex Fells


a piece of wood found in Middlesex Fells

a piece of wood found in Middlesex Fells

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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