Enter a cyber art gallery – by Robbins Staff – second in the series

As promised, here is the second installment of the staff artwork project.  Questions are welcome – just post in the comments section at end.

Part Two

Fused glass bowls and plates  by Sue Priver

 Fused glass is a warm glass art technique.  Glass is heated in a kiln up to 1100 –                  1500 degrees Fahrenheit.  The process is repeated to form the finished product.                    All glass pieces are fully usable and safe for use with food.

Plate with flowers

Plate with flowers


Plate with linear design

Plate with linear design

Dish with fabric design

Bowl with fabric design













Decorative bowl

Decorative bowl



                       Crochet art by Willow Hearth


Tiny Ursula

Tiny Ursula


                             Acrylic painting by Lucy Holley

Frog & Toadstools

Frog & Toadstools


                   Decorative Eggs  by Lucy Holley

These eggs were crafted in polymer clay using the mokume-gane and  millefiore        techniques.

Collection of eggs

Collection of eggs


                      Watercolor by Ellen Wendruff

Flowers without borders

Flowers without borders


                        Pastel drawing of dog  by Ellen Wendruff




                              Oil painting by Ellen Wendruff

Oil painting after Degas' pastel "The Tub"

Oil painting after a Degas pastel “Le Tub”


                                                            Digital photo

Looking Up

Looking Up


                   Selected Art and Craft books —

Acrylic painting techniques  by Frederic Miller

Basic glass fusing by Lynn Haunstein

Creepy cut crochet: zombies, ninjas, robots, and more!  by Christen Haden

Decorative eggs: exquisite designs with wax & dye  by Jane Pollak

Digital photography: a basic manual by Henry Horenstein

Digital photography complete course  by DK Publishing

Drawing & painting trees in the landscape   by Claudia Nice

Knitting for the absolute beginner by Alison Dupernex

Mastering the watercolor wash by Joe Garcia

Oil painting basics landscape painting

Painting nature in watercolor…using watercolor pencil & paint  by Cathy Johnson

Painting vibrant watercolors: discover the magic of light, color, & contrast by Soon Y. Warren

Sculpting the figure in clay: an artistic & technical journey to understanding…figurative sculpture  by Peter Rubino

Sketchbook project: World tour by Steven Peterman

The timeless way of building by Christopher Alexander

Urban watercolor sketching: a guide to drawing, painting & storytelling in color  by Felix Schienberger

What painting is: How to think about oil painting using the language of alchemy by James Elkins



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