Searching the library catalog

How do you find a book, audiobook, CD, DVD, magazine, game, or anything else in the library? There are a few ways: you could wander around (also known as browsing), ask a librarian, or use the online catalog.

You probably recognize our “classic” catalog, which looks like this:

screenshot of classic catalog search barBut if you click the link to try the “NEW Minuteman Catalog!” you get something that looks like slightly different:

screenshot of new catalog search boxJust type your search in the box and hit enter (or click the arrow), and you’re off! You can also choose to search the “Articles & Reviews” tab, which will bring you results from our many library databases.

You might notice that with the new catalog, you can’t “limit” your search right away by choosing whether to search by keyword, title, author, subject, etc. or by choosing a location (e.g. Arlington), but you can limit the results of your search after the fact – or you can choose to use the Advanced Search option to begin with.

For example, I did a search for “how the light gets in” in the new catalog, and along the left hand sidebar are all the ways I can limit/filter/refine the results: by format (book, e-book, book on CD, etc.), by location (which libraries is it at?), by availability, by language, and more.

screenshot of search results

If you have more questions about the new catalog, called Encore, check out this helpful FAQ from Minuteman, or ask a librarian. We will be bidding goodbye to the classic catalog come September 1, so now is a good time to start experimenting with Encore, if you haven’t started using it already.

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