Overdrive Big Library Read

Cover image of Eyes On YouIf you like thrillers and suspense novels, and you like e-books (or digital audiobooks), you’re in luck, because Overdrive’s Big Library Read for June is Eyes On You: A novel of suspense by Kate White.

What is a “Big Library Read”? It means that for a limited time, one particular book is available to everyone at once – no waiting! If you check out the e-book or digital audiobook of Eyes On Me between June 9-23, you can download it immediately and keep it for your usual checkout period. (Remember, you can change your default checkout period in your account settings. The default may be set to 14 days, but you can make it as long as 21 days.)

Screen shot of menu bar with featured collections optionsEyes on Me isn’t the only title that’s available with no wait time – there are lots of e-books and digital audiobooks in the Overdrive collection that you can check out right away. Go to the Digital Media Catalog, look for “Featured Collections” on the left-hand side of the menu bar, and choose “Always Available.” You’ll find fiction, nonfiction, classics, and lots of Lonely Planet travel guides.

E-books and digital audiobooks are great options for traveling, whether you’re taking the T to work or flying to Florida for a vacation – they don’t add any extra weight to your bags. (This librarian recommends bringing along a print book just in case, though. You wouldn’t want delays on the T or in the airport to leave you without something to read!)

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