Are you feeling EXTRAORDINARY? Get ready for adult summer reading!

EXTRA ORDINARY logoWe know you know all about the summer reading programs for kids and teens, but do you know there’s also summer reading for adults? This year’s theme is “escape the ordinary,” which, let’s be honest, is a little vague, but that means you can read whatever you want!

Here are some extraordinary ideas:

  • Pick up a book you normally wouldn’t: nonfiction for fiction readers, fiction for nonfiction readers. Librarians can help you find something you might like based on your reading taste.
  • Try a new genre. There’s a lot of genre-blending going on these days, so you can find a literary mystery, romantic suspense, fantasy thriller…pretty much any combination you can think of.
  • Read about a faraway place, or a historical time period. Reading is a great way to travel without going anywhere.
  • Take a book with you as you travel. Remember, in addition to print books, we have e-books and digital audiobooks. You can take it with you!
  • Come to a book group or book chat to get ideas from librarians and other readers.
  • Check out our book recommendations page, where you’ll find lists of award winners in every genre, library databases that can help generate suggestions (“if you liked ___, try ____”), and even a form to fill out with your reading preferences that a real, live librarian will answer personally.
  • See what the Robbins Library librarians are reading on Goodreads, and see what your fellow Arlingtonians are reading with Awesome Box.

Okay, so we’ve got you covered for reading materials this summer. Now you’re wondering…

  • When does it start? Saturday, June 20 is the summer reading kickoff date.
  • June 20?? What do I do till then? Well, you could always read a book. If you don’t already have one in mind, visit our Beach Reads display, browse the new books area (or the old books area), or ask for a recommendation at the reference desk.
  • How does it work? We’re glad you asked! This year, instead of a registration form and raffle tickets, we’re using a reading log. This way, everything’s in one place, and you just hand in the log at the end of the summer. You’ll still get one virtual raffle ticket for each book you read between June 20 and September 4.
  • Will there be prizes? Yes, of course! And there’s going to be really good – we might even say extraordinary – this year. Stay tuned!
  • Will there be snacks? Not really, no, unless you pack them yourself. But there are plenty of local eateries that can provide you with snacks and meals during your hours of reading, and don’t forget the farmers’ market! It’s on Wednesdays from 2pm-6:30pm starting June 10.
Image of a blue and white striped beach chair wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses

Remember to check out our Beach Reads display this month!


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