Things to do in A-Town when you’re queer…

Hi, there.  A couple of social options for the queer folks in and around Arlington.  First up, we’ve got Queer Book Group / Social on Wednesday, May 27th.  We’re not 100% sure what the plan is, but it might include watching queer-themed webseries online.  Could you do that at home?  Yes, indeed.  But watching with a group is much more fun, the laughs are contagious, and you might make some new friends.  5/27/15 at 7 PM in the 4th Floor Conference Room. QBGsocialMystery 

Speaking of watching…

On June 3rd, the Robbins Library and the Council on Aging are joining forces (and movie licensing agreements!) to bring you a special Pride Month showing of the Lesbian Classic, Fried Green Tomatoes.  Light snacks and nice folks.  Be welcome!                            6/3/15 at 6:30PM in the Community Room.

Fried Green Tomatoes

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