National Library Week: Feeling the Library Love

National Library Week is officially over for another year, but what a wonderful week it was! (And remember, you can “celebrate” the library any time of the year, just by visiting.) Here are some more of your comments about the library:

My library…

“…is an accessible wealth of knowledge for me to devour and enjoy!”

“…is so awesome to me.”

“…is a safe space to dream.”

“…means a resource for books, magazines, and materials that I can look at before purchasing them.”

“…means comfort, community, calm.”

“…[is] a cacophony of free thought and inspirational offerings.”

“…[has] a never ending supply of free books!”

“A place that should always be here.”


“Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, full of great ideas.”

“..means opportunity! A free library is a brighter future for everyone!”

“ great because I LOVE TO READ!!”

“…is a community of sharing and learning in a welcome environment.”

“…is fantastic because there are fairy books.”

“…is the most beautiful place in the all [sic] world. I love being here!! Am in love with my library.”

“…has British television!”

“…[has] good books for toddlers!” [toddler scribbles]

I love my library because…

“It is my safe [sic] of fantasies and escape of worldly problems.”

“The magic show!” [drawing of the magic show]

“Free books.”

“KIND STAFF! Thank you for that!”

“I get lots of work done here.”

“It is a relaxing place to read and learn and it has all the books I love!”

“The computers.” (x2)

“It has so many books to read!”

“It’s my second home.”

“I come here exhausted & leave energized.”

“It’s where I get a lot done.”

“I feel I have an inexhaustible source of good things, graciously provided on demand, with ease + kindness.”

“I love books and the library is the best place to get them. Also, it’s a relaxing place to sit down and read.”

“It’s the most beautiful place. Also this is where I met my first girlfriend.”

“It’s a free public space that offers stories, knowledge, cultural events & friendly, helpful staff. It is within walking distance in the center [of town]! 🙂 ”

“We always have cool activities for toddlers and little kids. Great!”

“It has so much! (for so little)”

“I love my library because it’s on the bike path and I can walk. I love my library because I can borrow all kinds of items including all kinds of media. I love my library because it is a quiet space in a hectic world. I love my library’s wonderful book sale and Town Day sale of art prints, one of which I got for 5 dollars!”

“It’s my savior when I need to concentrate for hours without interruption. The quiet work floor is pretty rare these days.”

“My eyes filled with cataracts and all I could read were large print books, my face fell with Bell’s palsy and all I could do was listen to my books, my children read more than we could ever buy them, over the many years we’ve lived here Robbins has been central to the quality of our life. Thank you so much.”

Swash_ornament_zeimusuThat last comment above made me tear up, I will freely admit. Rest assured, Arlington library users, your library staff loves you back! Visit soon. (And bring your overdue items with you – it’s still amnesty month, so there are no fines on overdue items returned by the end of April.)




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