Who are the Robbins Sisters?


 Come discover ARLINGTON’S OWN ROBBINS SISTERS  and view vintage photos from Robbins Library’s historical photograph collection.




A display containing Library books on Arlington History can also  be found on the “Little Table”  in the lobby.  Here you’ll find favorites such as:

Arlington’s Cultural Heights: 1900-1925  by Doreen Stevens, Aimee Taberner, and Sara Burks

Arlington: Twentieth-century reflections by Richard A. Duffy

Images of America: Arlington by Richard A. Duffy

Stories of Early 20th Century Life edited by Oakes Plimpton

Arlington Celebrates the Growing Years, 1875-1975 edited by Anne G. Fischer

Robbins Farm Park, Arlington, Massachusetts: a local history from the Revolutionary War to the present by Oakes Plimpton

Town of Arlington, past & present, a narrative of larger events & important changes in the village precinct & town from 1637-1907, by Charles S. Parker

History of the town of Arlington, Massachusetts: formerly the 2nd precinct in Cambridge or district of Menotomy, afterward the town of West Cambridge, 1635-1879.  With a genealogical register of the inhabitants of the precinct by Benjamin & William R. Cutter

Don’t miss this.








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