Beehives at the library, bzzzzzzzzz

This week, we installed two beehives on the (outdoor!) third floor balcony of the library, overlooking the garden between the library and Town Hall. These bees will support the flowering plants in the garden, but don’t worry, they won’t come inside!

The installation of the beehives was fascinating to watch.

Beehive box, no bees yetBeekeepers in protective suits putting the bees in the hivesA beekeeper moves more bees into the hive.

A beekeeper shakes bees out of a box into the hive; lots of bees flying around in the air.

Not for the faint of heart: the beekeeper shook bees out of a box and into the hive (and the air).

Both beekeepers shake boxes of bees into the hives.A beekeeper standing, surrounded by flying bees.Both hive boxes with their lids on.

There were a lot of bees flying around, and they will continue to be active as they explore the area and learn about their new home; you can watch them come and go safely from behind the glass windows on the third floor.

Remember, honeybees are not aggressive by nature and will only sting if they’re defending their hive, or if they’re provoked. If you encounter a bee in the garden, don’t swat at it; it’ll bee on its way soon enough! (Pun intended.)

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