Love for the library during National Library Week

It still isn’t technically National Library Week yet, but the love for the Arlington libraries is already pouring in on comment cards! Here are just a few of the notes we’ve received from library users of all ages. Feel free to add your own at the display table or in the comments below.

My library…

“My library is a place that makes me feel safe and takes me to other places.”

“I love that it has unlimited books and the books are really good.”

“I love all the books. I will read them all!”

“…is quiet and peaceful.”

“…supports my e-pubbing! I used library internet to post my e-books to Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble! (And the library fee? FREE!!)”

“…is special because there is lots of Roald Dahl books that I don’t have.”

“I like the library because they always have the books I need.”

“No one bothers me here.”


“BOOKS are the greatest (movable) things in the whole wide world.”

“Because of the free wifi. :-)”

“…is a place where I can be my silly self. Deuces!”

“Very helpful staff. Give all a 20% raise.”

“…is a place of sanctity and sanity…a place where music, art and literature converge. Thank you.”

I love my library because…

“They have places to sit down and books and movies about penguins.”

“Robbins is the best library in the state!”

“I enjoy using the laptops regularly.”

“Because I like reading.”

“It’s like home.”

“It has so many books that’s why!! :-)”

“HARRY POTTER that’s why!! :-)”

“This is a second home to me – I enjoy the many community programs, can come here to work and read, can find the books/CDs/DVDs I need. Everyone working is exceptionally pleasant and skilled. Thank you!”

“It is the most vital and democratic institution in the country.”

“I love books!”

“It is beautiful (architecturally) and it has so many possibilities of books, ebooks, movies…”

“It’s a peaceful place to use the computer, write, and get organized.”

We swear, we didn’t make a single one of these up! And just to show that the library returns all this affection, April is Fine Free Month at the Library. Keep an eye out for overdue library books as you do your spring cleaning, bring them back to the Robbins Library or the Fox Branch Library, and you will not be charged late fines.

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3 Responses to Love for the library during National Library Week

  1. I wish I could say “”…is quiet and peaceful.”” about Robbins and the Fox branch, the opposite is, unfortunately, the case.

    • Jenny says:

      I was a little surprised that this was one of the first comments, myself! But the second floor of the Robbins Library is usually very calm and quiet, so that’s the place to be if you want a peaceful environment. There are even armchairs that overlook the garden between the library and Town Hall.

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