A Boston Olympics?

Olympic_rings_without_rims.svgThere’s been a lot of talk lately about Boston being the US city for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The eight-year-old in me says “AWESOME! Gymnastics!” The grown-up me says “But the T can’t handle the number of people the city already has in it” and “the roads are so confusing I still get lost even after living here for five years” and “so…ten years of construction? But where are they going to put everything?” The outer adult may have a better hand than the inner child in this particular card game, but we’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, a poll! Should Boston host the 2024 Olympics?

On a related note, some of us librarians cleaned out some files last year and found this gem:

MBTA pamphlet: Taking the T during the DNC

MBTA pamphlet: Taking the T during the DNC

Should the 2024 Summer Olympics come to pass in Boston, you can bet there’ll be an app for that. (But it won’t help. Consider a two-week vacation to somewhere else instead.)


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