Reading Challenges for 2015

It’s the end of the year and you know what that means. That’s right: it’s time to decide which reading challenges you’re going to do in 2015. It’s an important decision to make and I’m sure you’ve all been thinking long and hard about this already. You haven’t? Well, you’re in luck because I have, and I’ve identified some challenges I think you might like.

Here’s a smattering of them:

Many of us are trying to go back and read the classics we missed, and the Back to the Classics Challenge would be a great way to do that.

I bet some of you would be interested in the Graphic Novels and Manga Challenge, and the Robbins Library’s fantastic collections of graphic works in the children’s room, teen area, and adult collections would be very helpful to you.

This one is very specific, but I bet the Outlander Series Reading Challenge is sure to be popular.

If scavenger hunts are your thing, you might want to try the Literary Pickers Challenge.

The Around the World Challenge looks like a fun way to read books set in many places all over the globe.

If you like teen and new adult books and are looking for new authors, you may want to try the Debut Author Challenge for titles written for a middle grade/teen/new adult audience.

The Re-Read Challenge would be of great interest to anyone who hasn’t quite gotten around to reading some old favorites again.

The Literary Movement Reading Challenge is perfect for the highly ambitious reader. Each month highlights a different literary movement, and participants must read at least one book from each movement and write a review and an analysis of how well the book fits that movement.

Those wanting to read more plays should check out the Play On Challenge. This challenge lasts only 4 months – it’s perfect for those with short attention spans.

Is there a series you’ve been trying to read but it feels like there are a million books and you’ll never finish it? Then perhaps The Series That Never Ends Reading Challenge is for you.

For more, check the blog A Novel Challenge, which compiles all of the book challenges going on. It’s truly overwhelming!

As for me, I’ll be doing the TBR Pile Challenge again this year. In this challenge, you read books that have been on your To Be Read list for more than a year. In 2014 I read some great books that I had been putting off for way too long.

Did you participate in a challenge in 2014? How did you do? Which one (or more!) will you do in 2015? Please tell us in the comments!

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3 Responses to Reading Challenges for 2015

  1. Sophia Rose says:

    Thank you, Linda, for highlighting two of our challenges in your post. Very kind! Good luck on your TBR Pile challenge. I entered one of those too. 😉

  2. icowdave says:

    Check out for the 2015 Roll-Your-Own Reading Challenge. There are currently 34 different genre themed challenges to pick from and you can always start your own if you don’t find one you like. I’m doing Women of Genre Fiction, Definitive SF of the 1950s and Space Opera. There is some decent overlap on those 3 to help me out 😉

  3. linda says:

    Thank you – that sounds great! Here’s the direct link for those who are interested:

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