More reasons to love hoopla

If you’re already using hoopla, you’re probably fully aware of how convenient it is to stream or download movies, music, and audiobooks in the comfort of your own home. (If you haven’t signed up for hoopla yet, see this post for details.) But sometimes the benefits are even more apparent, like earlier this week when I was looking at new music releases.

One of the best things about getting music online is that you don’t have to wait for it. A couple of new popular CDs that haven’t arrived at the library yet are already available to stream or download from hoopla. Probably my favorite thing about the service is that no matter how many people want to listen at one time, they all can. You never have to get on a waiting list.

Here are some popular new albums that are not currently available in our physical collection, but which you can listen to right now on hoopla (and the links will take you directly there.)

breezecsnyThe Breeze: an appreciation of J.J. Cale by Eric Clapton and Friends

CSNY 1974 by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


hypnotic eyexedsheeranHypnotic Eye by Tom Petty


X by Ed Sheeran


voyagerinthelonelyhourThe Voyager by Jenny Lewis


In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith


nowthat'swhaticallmusic1980sNow That’s What I Call Music 50


Now That’s What I Call the 80s


What have you been listening to on hoopla? Share your favorites in the comments!

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