LibraryReads on display

Library-Reads-Logo-Color-266x300Remember back in January when I blathered on about this thing called LibraryReads? Well, I still think it’s pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that LibraryReads books are being featured on one of the library display tables. This is a limited-time-only engagement, folks, so don’t miss it! (But if you do, we’ll probably do a LibraryReads display again a few months from now…till then, you’ll just have to hunt them down yourself.)

LibraryReadsDisplayPerhaps you’re wondering, “You just said ‘LibraryReads’ three times in a row – four if you count the logo – but I still don’t know what it is/they are.” Fair enough. Simply put, LibraryReads are books recommended by librarians. Specifically, the top ten books being published each month, as chosen by librarians across the country.

Naturally, some of the very newest books might have long waitlists, and that’s why our display features books from all of the LibraryReads lists. LibraryReads started in September 2013, and you can see each month’s list in that blue folder on the display table, or online in the printer-friendly LibraryReads archive. Check ’em out!


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