Take the Pew “Library Lovers” Quiz

What-kind-of-library-users-are-in-your-communityAre you a “Library Lover”? Or are you totally “Off the Grid?” See how your own library habits stack up against the rest of our community—and the U.S. as a whole!  Take the “What type of library user are you?” quiz on the Pew Research Center’s website: http://www.pewinternet.org/quiz/library-typology/group/aa0f135

We know you have survey fatigue…rest assured this is just for fun! In addition to telling you what kind of library user you are, this library user quiz will let us gather (anonymous) data.  The results will help us learn how people use the library, how they think about their library’s impact on the community and what their views are on the importance of libraries in the digital age.  Any information collected in the quiz will be anonymous.

You can also visit the general sign in page here and enter our group ID:  aa0f135

Thanks!  We’re betting you’re all Library Lovers.

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