Doctor Who Day a Smashing Success

Last Saturday around 200 Doctor Who fans came to the library (on a beautiful summer day, no less!) to watch episodes of Doctor Who, play trivia, view fan art, make crafts, and have their photos taken with the TARDIS.

If you submitted fan art, we’re still holding on to it for you. Stop by the Reference Desk in the next two weeks to pick it up.

If you had your photo taken with the TARDIS, you can find it on our flickr page here.

Here are our first and second prize winners in the costume contest. First, Captain Jack Harkness:

Second prize went to this Dalek:


Many Robbins Library staff contributed to making the day a success. We joined in on the fun too, of course. Here are those of us who came in costume, amazingly still standing at the end of a very busy day.


We’re all very happy that so many of you came and had a great time!

Attention teens: there’s a new Doctor Who fan club starting up this summer just for you! The first meeting is July 8. Check the Teen Blog for more information.

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