I’ll take SCIENCE for five hundred, Alex!

This year’s summer reading theme is SCIENCE! The adult summer reading program (what, you thought kids and teens got to have all the fun?) kicks off today, June 2. Visit our display table on the first floor of the Robbins Library to register for summer reading.

Register by filling out one of these forms:

2014_summerreading_registrationformOnce you’ve registered, you can fill out a raffle ticket for every single book you read this summer! Every book counts, including fiction, nonfiction, audiobooks, graphic novels, even books you read aloud to your kids. Each raffle slip is a chance to win one of our fabulous prizes (about which more later).

Raffle tickets look like this:

2014_summerreading_raffleslipAlso on the display table, you’ll find plenty of science-y books, as well as book lists for both nonfiction science books and science fiction (sci-fi or SF) books. If you think, “Well, I’m not interested in science,” please reconsider; science doesn’t have to mean your chemistry textbook from high school. Here are a few examples of popular science books:

Don’t those sound awesome? However, you don’t have to stick to the theme if you don’t want to; you can read anything you want. You might prefer Scandinavian crime novels, or histories of the British Empire, or biographies, or romance novels – you can fill out raffle tickets for those books too!

doctorwhologoAnd now: Prizes! Just for reading books – which we know you do all the time anyway, right? – you could win one of our cool prizes at the end of the summer:

  • Free DVD rental coupons for movies and TV shows from the library
  • Gift certificates to the Book Rack here in Arlington
  • Cool Doctor Who-themed prizes from ThinkGeek
  • A year-long membership to the Museum of Science in BostonMoS

So don’t let kids and teenagers have all the summer reading fun – join in!


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