Allons-y! ALL-CALL for Doctor Who Fan Art Submissions

Doctor Who has been a huge success – critical, commercial (and probably some other measure that I don’t know about but is also staggeringly important). So how does the viewing audience express its approval?  Fan art (and fanfiction, which we will probably address at a later date, but just not now, so relax gentle readers and writers because today belongs to the visual artists).  Doctor Who has inspired so, so, so much fan art – cute, smart, odd, and just plain lovely.

The lovely

Nails inspired by The Silence

and, of course, the mashup

And because this awesomeness exists in the world, we’d like to see it up close.  So we’re calling for fan art submissions.  The plan is this:  get us your fan art (drawings, paintings, graphic designs, photos of 3-d objects) and then we’ll turn the library into a Doctor Who Fan Art gallery.

Think of it like a Tumblr you can walk into.

And guys…?

It’s bigger on the inside.

THE FINE PRINT:   Get your art to the reference desk by Wednesday, June 25th at 8:00PM to be considered for Best in Show.  Please include your name and contact info on the back if you’d like to be considered for a prize.  Doctor Who Day lands on Saturday, June 28th at 10 AM.



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