Download more books with the MA eBook Project



You don’t have to leave your house for books. You might already be familiar with our digital collection available through Overdrive, but now the Robbins Library is part of a pilot project to bring you even more ebooks. We need to emphasize that this is a pilot, and therefore there is little support yet, but if you are technically savvy and enjoy figuring things out for yourself, your efforts will be rewarded.

Start at the MA eBook Project Catalog. There are three different platforms to choose from:

  • Biblioboard for historical documents and primary sources. Unlimited checkouts and  simultaneous use mean you can access all the content all the time. For mobile, there’s an app called Biblioboard Library.
  • Baker & Taylor Axis360 for popular fiction and non-fiction. 3 checkouts/5 holds per month with a 2-week loan period. Use the AxisReader app or the ADA-compliant Blio app for mobile devices.
  • EBL for academic and professional titles. Unlimited checkouts and simultaneous use with a 7- or 14-day checkout period. Use the BlueFire Reader app for mobile access.

Each is a little different from the other (just to keep you on your toes) but we think there’s something here for everyone.  Enjoy your ebook adventure!

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2 Responses to Download more books with the MA eBook Project

  1. Gabi says:

    I love this idea already! Is there somewhere to give feedback to beg for this project to stay alive?

  2. linda says:

    Hi Gabi, we’re pretty sure this project will continue beyond the pilot phase, but more support is always good. It wouldn’t hurt to contact your legislators and ask that they support funding for statewide econtent, and you can also voice your support through this survey from the MA Board of Library Commissioners: Thanks!

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