You’re going to love hoopla!

Do you like music, movies, or audiobooks? Do you like the convenience of downloading them at home or on-the-go without having to languish on a waiting list for popular titles? Then you are really going to enjoy this new service from the Robbins Library.


Hoopla makes it easy to stream or download content, and a mobile app is available so you can listen or watch anywhere. The hoopla catalog includes a variety of movies, tv shows, audio books, and a huge amount of music (over 100,000 albums and counting!). The best part is that everyone can use the them at the same time. So just because everyone wants to listen to the Frozen soundtrack right now doesn’t mean that you have to wait – you can listen right away!

To get started, go to and click “sign up” in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll need to choose Robbins Library and enter your library card number and an email address to set up your account. To use with mobile devices, download the free “hoopla digital” app.

You can check out up to 5 items per month. Checkout periods are:

  • Videos: 2-3 days (depending on which title)
  • Music albums: 7 days
  • Audiobooks: 21 days

What are you waiting for? Head over to now!

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12 Responses to You’re going to love hoopla!

  1. The Hoopla linbs are bad – they seem to be relative links rather than absolute.

  2. Nate Goldshlag says:

    Robbins does not appear on the mobile app – no way to sign up.

    • linda says:

      You may need to sign up online first – I signed up online through the website and then downloaded the app and it worked fine. But I’ll talk to our rep about this today as well. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Gayle Namchuk says:

    Hi. I just signed up and am really looking forward to having access to audiobooks from both my phone and iPad. However, the iPad app doesn’t recognize my sign in info. I double checked and both my PC and Android phone access my account, but the hoopla digital sign in on my iPad still comes back as “We could not find that email address and password combination” . The hoopla site clearly states that once you’ve signed up on one device you do not need to register again. The app update history notes that it has been updated to work with iOS7.1 (which is the version on my iPad). The sign in page on my iPad did, however, need my to use my ‘enter/return’ button after typing in my password , before it would activate the sign in button, which I did not have to do when signing in on the PC.
    FYi: I just sent a note to Hoopla via their ‘contact us’ form outlining this problem , so hopefully they can tell me if I’m doing something wrong, or if they can fix this bug shortly.


    • linda says:

      That’s really strange, Gayle. I signed up online and then downloaded the app to my iphone and was able to sign in without a problem. Please let us know if you get an answer from the folks at hoopla – they’ve been really responsive and helpful so far!

  4. Nate Goldshlag says:

    Works fine for me on iPad and iPhone after signing up on a computer.

    • linda says:

      Great! I talked to our rep yesterday and the sign up on the app should be working again. For anyone who installed the app while the signup wasn’t working, you’ll need to reinstall before trying to sign up again. But if you signed up online in the meantime, there’s no need to reinstall.

  5. Dave B says:

    Received this message Sunday May 4 at 1:35pm when trying to sign up:
    “Sorry, but we are unable to communicate with your library. Please contact your local branch for more information.”

    • linda says:

      Have you tried again since then? I’m wondering if was a temporary problem. I just emailed our rep to find out if he knows. (There’s also a “contact us” link at the bottom of the hoopla page so you can contact them directly if needed.) I’ll let you know what I find out.

      • Dave says:

        Yes, I tried later and was able to complete the registration. Thanks for checking.

    • linda says:

      Actually, Dave, could you contact our Reference Desk to talk about this? I think we’ll want to look at your account and get some more information. We’re at 781-316-3233.

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