National Library Week feedback…Aw, shucks, we’re blushing.

2014-04_ILoveMyLibraryBecauseY’all are just so nice! Our National Library Week feedback board filled up in no time with lots of lovely comments from patrons. Here are just a few of the responses to the prompts:

I love my library because… “Smart, funny, helpful people (often in the same package!) – DVDs for $1 (and 2-fer Wednesdays!). Not to mention the gorgeous building! And all the books I can probably ever read and more, AND they host NaNoWriMo!!”

This is all true: our DVD rentals are 2-for-$1 on Wednesdays; we are home to a fair number of books; and we are a proud host location for National Novel Writing Month, a.k.a. NaNoWriMo.

I know my library loves me because… “They let me borrow books from the entire Minuteman Library Network. Amazing!”

Also true! The Minuteman Library Network (MLN for short) includes more than 40 public and academic libraries, all of which share their resources. This means that if we don’t have what you want, one of our neighbor libraries will happily send it over for you to borrow.

I love my library because… “I volunteered to do Spanish story time, then learned so much about Arlington and our community.”

Fantastic! Libraries foster community. And story time is one of the most popular times to be in the children’s room!

2014-04_IKnowMyLibraryI know my library loves me because… “It is so BEAUTIFUL! Books saved my life and sanity as a child. Go Books!”

Books aren’t all we offer, of course, but most people still associate the word “library” with the word “book.” And yes, books do save lives!

I love my library because… “They are open on Sundays! And they have fabulous books! And fabulous and helpful librarians!!”

Aww, now we’re blushing. Thanks!

I know my library loves me because… “The staff is SO helpful. *Helping navigate through ebooks and audiobooks. *Suggesting great titles for YA. *Cheerily checking out my loans. I ❤ my library and my LIBRARIANS! Thank you!”

Thank you! We want to be your #1 stop for help with e-books, cheery checkouts, and young adult book suggestions. (Have you visited the teen blog?)

One of our very first commenters mentioned our Head of Children’s Services librarian by name: “Pam really helps me each time I come in and even gave me a book about bookmaking which I love! Thanks!”

We like to think the library offers something for everyone. Didn’t get a chance to put a note on the National Library Week board? Leave a comment here!


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1 Response to National Library Week feedback…Aw, shucks, we’re blushing.

  1. I LOVE my Library because it is a GREAT place to work and it has Lots of Great people to work with!

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